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New Tropical Island - Part 1: The Arrival

This is a project that I started for a website that has the goal of being an affiliate site for nootropics. The writing and graphic design are my original works. I hope you enjoy!

New Tropical Island - The story so far...

Part 1 - The Arrival

Sky - The Traveler

Hi guys, my name is Sky, pretty hippie name right? No doubt my parents were nomads and somehow knew that I would follow in their footsteps, so to speak. I’ve been traveling all my life, but now I travel on my own, a free bird. Though I am a seasoned ground stomper, along the way I have met so many other “green” travelers that complain about the same things, it’s always the same blah, blah blah. To be more specific, jet lag, low immunity (because they haven’t been introduced to foreign bacterias, amoebas, or whatever), digestive issues (street tacos in Mexico was one of the worst for me), and stress in general.

I was recently in contact with my friend Rain, ironic right? Well, she is a full-blown, too much facial hair for a girl, hippie that I met once at an ayahuasca retreat. She travels, but I wouldn’t call her a traveler, just someone on the quest for the next best mind-expanding experience. She told me that since I last saw her she had found it, paradise, the new-age Utopia that everyone should find. She said that they had found oodles of antidotes for the things that bring us, as she says, “blue faces”. She says they call these therapeutic substances, “Nootropics”. This made total sense to me when she said that she was on a tropical island, even the monkeys there were “zen”. Is it cheesy that they named the island, “New Tropical Island”?

This seemed so exciting to me, the idea that there are natural substances that can help fix common problems, but she had me at “tropical island”. I thought to myself, “I should go there, learn what these are, and introduce them to other travelers like me. A self-ordained nomadic shaman if you will.

To make a long story short about my long journey to this holistic Shangri-La, I arrived after just a few clicks. Rain was there to greet me, and immediately I was entranced by everything. The beauty of the island, the people, so many interesting people, and mostly the vibe. I was here to stay for a while!

She immediately began to give me the welcome briefing and after dropping my backpack she ushered me along to the local doctor to get started on my path to healthier living and higher cognition. I was absolutely giddy when I met the doc, an older middle-aged man, that looked nothing like I expected. The part that makes me giggle is that his name is Dr. Noo. It shouldn’t have been Dr. Knew because after hours of listening to him, it seemed that he knew everything.

I promise that I will tell you more about New Tropical Island later but what I would love to do is share with you the most important information that I got from him and what I plan on enlightening my fellow nomads. Check it out, this is what I learned...

Jet Lag: For jet lag you can take modafinil. This particular nootropic has to be prescribed by a doctor (in most countries) and is used to treat fatigue and extreme drowsiness. It claims to also enhance your ability to manage your time and meet goals! WHAT!? Sometimes you need a little more than just caffeine to wake you up. If you are having problems getting good REM sleep you can try huperzine A or phenibut, this one should not be used on a regular basis though.

Low Immunity: Rhodiola Rosea or also known as golden root, roseroot or Arctic root. Not only can this help boost a low immune system but also relieves stress and fatigue, which in turn, can lead to a low immune system. Echinacea is said to have antiviral attack against the Rhinovirus, Herpes simplex, Influenza A and B, Coronavirus, Respiratory syncytial virus. Reishi mushroom is also a big booster. They say it has a bad taste, and you should put it in a smoothie.

Stress: Ginkgo Biloba and Ashwagandha are two, of several nootropics, that can help relieve stress and reduce anxiety. Ashwagandha is also claimed to be useful for those who have issues sleeping well. Another nootropic that can be taken to alleviate jet lag. Lemon Balm can be a great option for relaxation and relieving anxiety. If being around strangers or in social situations in general, this is your cup of tea, lemon balm tea.

Digestive Issues: This is the one that surprised me the most. I know that eating new foods is one of the best parts of traveling, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to ruin a vacation. The surprising part is that there is a correlation between gut health and healthy brain function. There are many kinds of probiotics and depending on the specific issue you can narrow down which ones you should be taking. I will be happy to give you more details on those later, for now, stay away from the street tacos!

“New discoveries in science...will continue to create a thousand new frontiers for those who would still adventure.” - Herbert Hoover

The Arrival

** Nootropics are not meant to cure nor treat any disease. The New Tropical team are not doctors nor physicians and give no medical advice. If you have concerns please consult a real doctor or physician. The storyline and characters are fictional. Factual information is cited and as far as we know accurate.*








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