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RAINDROP - 8” Damascus Chef’s Knife inspired by FREYA

Content writing for Drako Knives

Our exquisite RAINDROP 8” CHEF’S KNIFE was created in honor of the Norse Viking goddess Freya. She was revered as a sorceress and professional practitioner of the most organized form of Norse magic, possessing a power almost without equal. It was she that is thought to have brought this art of magic to the gods and by extension to humans.

The type of magic that she practiced, known as Seidr, is fabled for bringing about change. Just like the DRAKO knife, Raindrop, you have the power to transform basic foods into enchanting dishes for your guests or clients. And just like the legend of Freya, the 66-layer stainless steel blade and the military-grade material G10 handle, the Raindrop knife guarantees lifelong durability. The sorceress Freya is also famous for her affection for beauty and fine material possessions inspiring the knife’s unrivaled artistry.

The feminine energy of the goddess Freya is like water, like the rain, it is powerful, ancient, beautiful, and creative. When you grip this stunning masterpiece in your hand you will feel the power and enchantment that this DRAKO knife encompasses.

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